Your daily reminder that not everyone has access to doctors, not everyone can afford doctors and some people have medical related trauma or cannot see doctors for other reasons

and your opposition of self diagnosis throws every single one of these people under the bus

The older you get, the more jobs you work, the more exes you have (& the more blog posts you write and lit readings you perform at, the more students you teach) the more Sometimes People you tend to accumulate in your life. It’s awkward and painful when there is a big disparity, like, you realize that someone you really want to be close to sees you as a Sometimes Friend, or, you can see someone making a lot of effort to be your friend and you know that you just don’t the emotional processing power or time to do the same. Rejection of someone’s sincerely-offered friendship or being excluded from someplace you want to belong will never happen without emotional friction, and I think it’s good to be able to acknowledge those feelings within yourself and grieve for what might have been. But I’ve found that it’s sometimes possible to find equilibrium with minimal social friction, and I think there is a lot of good that can come from learning to be okay with having some people be just Sometimes People in your life and in being other people’s Sometimes Person without a lot of negotiation or discussion.


y’all haters of the word ‘yall” need to cut it out cuz y’all is actually the perfect blend of casualness and gender neutrality when referring to a group of ppl and i will be liberated in everything y’all stands for whether y’all like it or not